consumed content week ending 03-13-20


Unfortunately, another week of lagging reading. I did manage to read the Firecracker paper from AWS, which really impressed me. As always, I was lucky enough to have time for some interesting podcasts. SE Daily did a week of Javascript, so I spent some time with how the “other half” lives :) The AI podcast has had some great guests discussing topics in physics and quantum computing as well, and it’s still one of my most listened-to podcasts at the moment.

Obviously looming large this week is the Coronavirus, otherwise designated as COVID-19. My only hope is that everyone takes this as seriously as it warrants, and that preventative measures now avert a bigger disaster later.

Stay safe and healthy this weekend.



  • Always Be Journaling - Another post confirming(reinforcing?) the idea of consistent writing and journaling as a way to solidify your ideas, make new connections, and improve your skillset.
  • Do whatever you can’t stop thinking about - A short, powerful post about following your passions and having no regrets. I can definitely identify with the feeling about something I want to work on, versus something I have to.


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