consumed content week ending 03-27-20


Quarantine life continues. Surprisingly, I’m still finding less time to read and process content. The time pinch of sharing more time and space with others is real.

That being said, I am taking the time to write notes while reading, which will pay dividends down the road.

Hopefully everyone is staying safe and healthy.


  • The Parable of the Promotion Ladder and The Market - A fairly thoughtful take on whether or not you should not optimize for incremental salary improvements in order to improve your future equity on the employment market.
  • Chesterton’s Fence: A Lesson in Second Order Thinking - If there is a fence somewhere, it was probably put there with purpose. Understand that purpose before deciding to take it down. Anyone involved in software development should immediately recognize the parallels in the danger of removing code that looks like it doesn’t do anything.


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