consumed content week ending 04-17-20


Another week of “new normal”. Our school system has finally pivoted to delivering some approximation of a complete curriculum, rather than “triage”. I’ve been digging in heavily to “The Knowledge Project” podcast, which has some great exploration of mental models with great guests.

Not a lot of chance for deep reading this week, I’m engaged in some freelance writing projects that have been consuming more of my time lately. My reading list is starting to require the mousewheel, so I’m hoping to burn down some material this weekend.

Hopefully everyone is staying healthy and safe.



  • Turning my obsession with the stock market into a side project - A cool exploration of taking a side project from an “idea” to a shipped product. It’s surprising how much yak shaving even a small project has.
  • How we use Nix at IOHK - IOHK Blog - As a DevOps engineer, I’ve got a special place in my heart for immutable infrastructure. Nix, and NixOS, offer a package manager and operating system that I seen referenced more and more as part of the immutable vision, and I’m always interested to see how different shops utilize it.
  • The Normal Economy Is Never Coming Back - A rather rosy picture of the current(and possibly future) economic implications of the ongoing crisis. I always read things like this with a grain of salt, since these times are, quite literally, unprecedented.
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