consumed content week ending 04-24-20


Another week with limited opportunities for deep, meaningful consumption. Lately, I’ve taken more time for purely idle diversions, which while they cut into time, provide a needed rest.

Hopefully everyone is staying healthy and safe. Enjoy your weekend.



  • What Is Interesting About Factorio - One of my favorite computer games to play. The author of this post draws some interesting comparisons between in-game psychology and behavior, and that of real life.
  • The growth of command line options, 1979-Present - This blog post would seemingly refute the “Unix” way of doing things. In my career, I spent less time in the domain of Linux system administration than some of my cohort, so I probably come down more on the new-school way of thinking here.
  • Two Years at Dropbox | Chad Austin - I always enjoy reading career anecdotes from other engineers at recognizable engineering orgs. Some interesting takeways on career progression here.
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