consumed content week ending 05-15-20


This was a pretty solid week in terms of listening to podcasts. Most of my listening has been focused on the Indie Hackers podcast, which is a part of a larger online community called Indie Hackers. Definitely worth checking out if you’re interested in starting your own online business, marketing, side hustles etc…

I stil find it easier to make time for listening versus reading, as I can do the former when I’m exercising or making food. Reading requires extended focus and stillness if I want to really retain what I’m reading.

I particularly enjoyed the synchrony of two of the articles I did manage to read, both tackling, ostensibly, the idea of procrastination.

Also, as a remote worker, it brings a smile to my face to see a “big” tech company go full WFH. Will others follow?

Hopefully everyone is staying healthy and safe. Enjoy your weekend.



  • Ugh fields - This was an enjoyable, short take on why humans generally avoid doing unpleasant things. At the end of the article were some potential mitigation strategies. This also happens to be a segue into…
  • Exploiting Productivity Momentum - … the next article. It’s easier to continue than it is to start something. I’ve found myself putting off working on difficult technical items because it “hurt” too much to not know what I was doing. Key takeaway: start harder stuff during high motivational periods.
  • The Machine Pauses - Efficiency for our own sake, or for that of the “machine”? This echoes some other fatalist tropes I’ve seen about technology and the effect it has on our society. Just like newspapers and magazines ruined books.
  • Twitter says staff can continue working from home permanently - Remote work FTW.
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