consumed content week ending 05-22-20


This was a slower week for me in terms of content consumption. I’ve picked up a few writing engagements, and work projects are picking up the pace.

Meaningful reading is still my primary challenge. I can squeeze in a few minutes here and there, but the additional cycles to take notes and process the information is a tougher proposition. Podcasts are great during exercise and household chores.

Hope everyone stays healthy and safe this holiday weekend.



  • Sell Yourself Sell Your Work - This post re-inforces a lot of what I’ve learned about what it means to “own” your career. Technical achievement is important, but if you can’t sell yourself or your ideas, it’s going to be like shouting down a hole.
  • IT’S TIME TO BUILD - Andreessen Horowitz - Aspirational call to “build things we need” from AH. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind a piece of companies that are building :)
  • Making Emacs popular again {} - Snippet from a mailing list discussing Emacs declining popularity in the face of VSCode and Vim. As a recent convert to Emacs, I’m forced to admit it’s waaaay less user-friendly than, say VSCode. I’m probably still not using it to nearly it’s effective capabilities. However, org-mode and magit are killer features, and I’ve yet to seem them duplicated well in any other IDE.
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