consumed content week ending 2-21-20

I didn’t get as much time as I would’ve liked to read this week, as I’m putting a lot of work into converting my pkm system from Notion to Emacs and org-mode.

Notion has been amazing, and has some great features, but I’m still on a quest to reduce friction as much as possible in the process of communicating my thoughts and ideas.

The context switching between IDE and Notion can be somewhat cumbersome, and there’s still manual work in converting to Frontmatter-valid Markdown for Hugo to consume.

Emacs Org-mode has some amazing note taking plugins, as well as a plugin for working with Hugo. Since I already work out of an IDE/text-editor, why not integrate them into one application? I’m aiming to have this wrapped by next week, and perhaps will write a post about it.

Everyone have a great weekend!

Shout out to for the inspiration to finally take the plunge.

As far as content, I’m still spending a lot of time with the AI podcast. Other podcasts on heavy rotation for me are SE Daily, SE Radio, and Go Time.



  • How to Use Roam to Outline a New Article in Under 20 Minutes - Shows the power of the note-taking style that Roam allows. As I mentioned before, I’m going to make a serious go at implementing this in org-mode. Even if you don’t use Roam or org-mode, the video is an impressive display of someone using a PKM to quickly outline an in-depth article. If you create any kind of content, I highly suggest watching.


  • What 8 years of side projects has taught me - SWE reminiscing on 8 years of side projects, his own struggles with keeping ideas/notes. Wrote his own system to handle them using C#, then Go/Lua. For anyone that does knowledge work and has side projects, this is a good(and short!) read.
  • Blogging with org-mode and ox-hugo - Solid tutorial on using ox-hugo in org-mode to handle blogging on a Hugo site. This blog runs on Hugo, so my plan is to use this as my workflow by next week’s posts.
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