• consumed content week ending 04-03-20 April 3, 2020

    Summary I managed to steal more time for listening and reading this week. I also finally finished the automation that allows me to automatically populate this post with the previous week’s content, and relevant tags. At some point, after a little more polish and refactoring, I’ll likely write a post detailing how it works(with source).

  • consumed content week ending 03-27-20 March 27, 2020

    Summary Quarantine life continues. Surprisingly, I’m still finding less time to read and process content. The time pinch of sharing more time and space with others is real. That being said, I am taking the time to write notes while reading, which will pay dividends down the road.

  • consumed content week ending 03-20-20 March 20, 2020

    Summary Week 1 of a new “normal” ends today. These are extraordinary times. I hope everyone is finding ways to stay safe, healthy, and sane right now. I find myself with a lot less time for podcast listening and reading. Ideally, I can find some way to rebalance in the coming weeks.

  • how I auto publish posts March 18, 2020

    My ongoing focus has been an emphasis on reducing as much friction as I can in writing and publishing. The consideration of ideas and knowledge, and translating them to my own words and mental models, still has a lot of value.

  • consumed content week ending 03-13-20 March 13, 2020

    Summary Unfortunately, another week of lagging reading. I did manage to read the Firecracker paper from AWS, which really impressed me. As always, I was lucky enough to have time for some interesting podcasts. SE Daily did a week of Javascript, so I spent some time with how the “other half” lives :) The AI podcast has had some great guests discussing topics in physics and quantum computing as well, and it’s still one of my most listened-to podcasts at the moment.