pkm redux

I think the hallmark of any good note-taking system is that it is never static. It’s something you should revisit from time to time. If the workflow no longer makes sense for you, or the tagging system has grown too large, or you simply want a change of pace, it’s probably time to refactor and rethink.

I’ve been using org-mode and org-roam for several months now, and I’ve started to realize that my note-taking and blogging workflow is starting to work against me, rather than for me. My usage pattern is turning out to be more of an “anti-pattern”. Org mode, and in particular, org-roam, are very powerful tools for note-taking and pkm, I intend to keep using them. That being said, my usage, and metadata, is in dire need of revision.

One of the primary goals of the roam/zettelkasten system is that relevant notes(knowledge) are surfaced at exactly the right moment, when they can deliver the greatest value at a certain point in time. Right now, the metadata system I’ve developed has gotten in the way of this core tenet.

Normally, I use some basic automation to publish a list of the content I’ve consumed for the week. This week that’s going on pause while I do some serious pkm house cleaning. My aim is to have a cleaner, more idiomatic tagging and metadata system that will restore my pkm to the idea I had for it when I first started.

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