It's Been Awhile

Feels like I’ve arrived at the inevitable trough of blogging activity: months between updates, with “projects” occupying the majority of my time.

Once upon a time, posting about the content I was reading/consuming forced me to keep a better posting discipline. However, that started to feel like it was more of a signaling exercise than something of actual cognitive value.

I’m still sitting on my no-code project site, but the rush of content/ideas/people into the space has caused me to pause. I want to make sure it adds value, without turning into an excessive amount of work(or it may end up in the bin of unfinished projects, as so many often do).

Aside from my day job, opportunities for freelance technical content writing have started to really pick up. There’s heavy demand for well-written, engaging technical content, so I’ve been taking advantage. Getting more opportunities to flex the writing muscle means it will only get stronger. Unfortunately that might also make writing for myself more of a chore.

For the upcoming year, I’m going to try and keep some loosely defined goals, and see if I can keep to them.

Goals for 2021

In no particular order:

  • Balance paid writing with blogging(aiming for 1 post a week cadence)
  • Launch at least 3 sites/projects
  • Get at least 100 Twitter followers
  • Finish some of the ever-growing pile of technical books I seem to have

Let’s see how it goes. Hopefully everyone stays health and safe in the coming year.

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